Press Release – Organic Development Finance Fund partners with FOUNT


ODF provides affordable finance to high-potential organic agricultural companies in low-income and emerging countries to increase organic production and achieve sustainable impact for the environment and small holder farmers. By providing finance combined with targeted technical assistance, the ODF catalyses equitable supply chains with high organic integrity.

ODF is a collaboration between Tradin Organic, USAID West African Trade and Investment Hub and GIZ and links producers and processors with selected global buyers to facilitate access to export markets for certified organic growers and producers.  ODF was launched in 2022 and during the ‘proof of concept’ phase disbursed several loans. ODF is now ready to scale with a target size of Euro 40 mln and is joining forces with FOUNT as Investment and Fund Advisor for the next growth phase. The Fund’s blended capital structure combines risk-tolerant capital with private sector investment. 

ODF and FOUNT share the mission of creating positive impact and will focus on increasing organic production to support sustainable development. FOUNT is a logical partner for ODF with ample experience in SME financing and sustainable agriculture. FOUNT uses an integrated investment approach combining E&S and impact and investments.   FOUNT is a leading impact investment firm providing Strategic Advisory and Fund & Investment Management Services to drive social and environmental impact alongside reasonable financial return in emerging markets. FOUNT is active as a Fund and Investment Advisor for 4 impact investment funds in different impact sectors including sustainable agriculture.

Bas Kalshoven, Member of Management Board ODF:

“Since the start, ODF provided eight affordable loans to organic agricultural companies in various low-income countries to increase organic production and achieve a sustainable impact on the environment and people. Together with FOUNT we will continue and expand our investments in longstanding sustainable relationships between smallholder farmers, exporters and importers.”

Bob Assenberg, Founding Partner of FOUNT:

“At FOUNT, we continuously strive to generate groundbreaking approaches that create lasting transformation in emerging economies. We are delighted to be able to seize this opportunity and extend our support to ODF as it embarks on its next phase of expansion. Together, in collaboration with ODF, we aim to empower local SMEs and smallholder farmers engaged in organic agriculture, fostering sustainable growth and prosperity within the community.”

To find out more about ODF, FOUNT or Tradin Organic please visit our websites.